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VIP Program 2019

2024 EPIC Registration is Open 2024 EPIC Program fka VIP

2024 Kirk Banks Tournament EPIC Registration is open.  Contact EPIC Coordinator [email protected] for coupon code to pay the $10 registration fee.  Deadline to register is February 29, 2024.

For more information about our EPIC Program, contact the EPIC Coordinator at [email protected]

The National office recently rebranded VIP to EPIC - Everyone Plays in Our Community.

What is the AYSO EPIC Program?

The  AYSO EPIC Program provides a quality soccer experience for children whose physical or mental disabilities make it difficult to successfully participate on mainstream teams. EPIC teams may include: 

-  Blind or visually impaired  
 - Conditions that impair mobility 
-  Mentally or emotionally challenged 
 - Autistic
 - Down syndrome 
 - Cerebral Palsy 

We recognize that all people need to feel a sense of belonging and acceptance. The EPIC program offers that acceptance and carries our philosophy of Everyone Plays® to new heights - giving everyone a chance to play. 


Goal: Players will have fun playing soccer


  • To introduce all skills by using games
  • To allow players to set the pace
  • To relax and be flexible
  • To keep everything positive

Goal: Players will understand the fundamentals of the game


  • To give each player plenty of opportunities to play the ball
  • To build skills on the success of previously learned skills
  • To involve family members in learning soccer fundamentals

Goals: Players will learn teamwork and fair play


  • To build teamwork and fair play into practice sessions
  • To encourage team identity by wearing uniforms and participating in team get-togethers
  • To reward positive effort when teamwork and fair play are observed

Goal: Players will increase their self-esteem


  • To establish individual, realistic goals with players
  • To encourage effort toward goals, no matter how small
  • To recognize player effort and achievement

Goal: Players will become more physically fit


  • To encourage maximum participation in physical movement for each player at his or her level
  • To facilitate player participation in off-season physical activities or sports

Goal: Players will meet and be comfortable with new people


  • To encourage parents to play a supportive, not active, role during games
  • To facilitate the development of positive player relationships with buddies and other volunteers
  • To utilize community helpers 

Kids with special needs are estimated to make up approximately 10% of the school-aged population and approximately 20% of the United States population has special needs.  Special schools and programs can isolate these persons, so the VIP Program has been structured to integrate our players into the rest of AYSO by providing a soccer season, and in some cases, using "buddies" - able bodied helpers - to assist players who need assistance, both on and off the field. Our goals for every participating player are:
 VIP helps more than just the players. Buddies and other volunteers increase their appreciation and understanding of individuals with special needs. They find their lives greatly enriched by their involvement with their new VIP friends. For parents thinking they would never see their children playing a sport or making new friends, VIP gives them joy and hope. They are able to relax and enjoy watching their children having fun like other kids, perhaps for the first time. 

Teams can have as few as three players and may be co-ed. EPIC teams can be put together with the players who register based on mobility or ability. Older and younger players can also be separated onto different teams when numbers allow. 

The Kailua AYSO EPIC program begins each Spring at the Kailua High School.  For more information about our EPIC Program, contact the EPIC Coordinator at [email protected]



The volunteer EPIC Buddy is a non-disabled person intended to guide the EPIC player on the field of play and, when, if no longer needed to assist physically, continues to be part of the player support system from the sideline.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities

The EPIC buddy is expected to:
  • Treat all EPIC players with respect
  • Guide the EPIC player physically, if necessary, on the field
  • Encourage the EPIC player verbally, may “guide” the ball but do not “play” the ball
  • Work with the EPIC coach to determine the use of the buddy on the field for a particular individual or situation
  • Understand involvement of the buddy could start with being full-time on the field, progress to fewer than four quarters and then progress to cheering from the sidelines
  • Decrease his/her role, except for consistent cheering, throughout the season as dictated by the player’s progress
  • Work toward the goal of player independence
  • Have FUN!
If you are interested in being a EPIC BUDDY or Coach, please contact the EPIC Coordinator at [email protected]
or complete the volunteer registration process. 

Kailua AYSO EPIC Program FAQ

Q: Hold old does my child have to be to join the EPIC program?
A: Children must be at least 4 years old to join EPIC.

Q: What sports equipment should my child have?
A: The registration fee includes a full uniform (socks, shorts, jersey). Players should have their own shin guards and sneakers or cleats.  For 2024 season, Augusta Sports is sponsoring the player uniform - uniform will be shipped directly to the players home once registration is complete

Q: May I drop off my child and pick them up when the EPIC session is over? 
A: No. A parent or guardian must be present during each EPIC session.  

Q: I don't live in the Kailua/Waimanalo/Kaneohe region. Can I still sign my child up for your EPIC season?
A: Yes. We welcome anyone regardless of region.

Q: My child would like to become a EPIC Buddy. Does he have to know how to play soccer?
  A: No soccer experience is required. 

Q: How old do I have to be to become a EPIC Buddy?
A: Buddies must be at least 12 years old.

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